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We Treat Everybody Like Jake

Jake is Dr. Hiser’s son

As a dad himself, Dr. Hiser follows a simple, guiding principle: “What would I do if this were my kid?” He understands what it’s like to want the best for your son or daughter. So you can be sure we’ll always serve the best interests of your child’s cosmetic and oral health.

You get the best technology

If Jake needed braces (there was a time when he did), we’d want him to get the benefit of new breakthroughs in orthodontics; at the same time, we wouldn’t want to pay for something he didn’t need just because it was new and shiny. The same goes for you!

Brace yourself for respect

Yes, we’re in the business of straightening teeth. But more than anything, we’re in the business of treating you with respect. There are lots of places you could get braces. But what really makes a difference is knowing your orthodontist listens to all your concerns and answers all your questions.


Dr. Hiser without a doubt makes a Doctor-patient relationship from start to finish! Dr. Hiser is a great and honest orthodontist! Stepping right in the door you have a warm welcome from the friendliest and caring office staff. I thank Doctor Hiser for giving me my beautiful smile!

Charlotte Belanger IV

The atmosphere in his office is so welcoming, it’s as if they’re all one big family and once you become a patient you become a part of their family. Dr. Hiser made sure he explained everything to me and the reasons behind every decision that was made with my braces. I often get complimented on what a nice smile I have and I have Dr. Hiser and his team to thank for that. I would highly recommend his office over any other!

Maria Rae Belanger

To say that we are excited for Dr. Hiser to open his new office is an understatement! Dr. Hiser and his team strive to connect with you and your family at every visit. From your very first consult to your very last appointment you will be very pleased that you chose Hiser 2.0 for your orthodontic treatment!

Sherry S. Wilson

They were always quick getting me back to see me and to check to see if everything was okay. They are friendly and care about you, they are like my second family. I always had questions and they would answer them for me every time even though I was annoying probably and my family loves Hiser both my siblings and I went there for braces we wouldn’t have had it any other way. I actually miss going there and seeing everybody

Katlyn Payne