COVID-19 Updates: A Letter from Dr. Hiser

These are unprecedented times and it seems that there are new guidelines and timelines every day for how we are to navigate the Coronavirus Pandemic. To date, we have tried to maintain our standard office hours and truly appreciate everyone’s efforts who kept their ‘face to face’ appointments. *Please continue to check back for updates as things develop.

My goal is to continue to be available to you and your family during these unpredictable times. As an extraordinary result, we are transitioning to our new Virtual Orthodontics platform!

What Does this Mean?

This will allow us to continue to see our new patient consults and active Invisalign patients virtually and answer almost any question you may have through our virtual platform.

At your convenience, please schedule your virtual appointment and feel free to add a comment if you want. I look forward to seeing and talking with you soon!

Doug Hiser

Have an Emergency?

If you are experiencing an orthodontic emergency, please give us a call at 404-983-7136.

Invisalign Patients

For patients already in Invisalign treatment and want to use our virtual platform, click the link here to download the app:

Schedule Your Virtual Appointment

Ready to get started? Start the process by typing your phone number into the field below. We look forward to connecting with you!







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