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Invisalign ClinCheck® Software

As an official partner of Invisalign, Dr. Hiser and our team have access to state-of-the-art ClinCheck software. Invisalign created this software so that we can digitally map out our patient's new smile from their first aligner to the very last. The in-office software we use allows us to create a roadmap plan for your smile all the way down to the smallest shifts and adjustments.

The ClinCheck 3D interface gives in-the-moment feedback and data to our team, allowing us to customize your treatment plan. Not only does it allow us to create a plan for your mouth, the software algorithm helps us calculate the perfect amount of force for every single movement and tooth adjustment.

ClinCheck coupled with our expert team at Hiser Orthodontics enables us to create a plan that allows your teeth to move in the right order at the right moment.

Get Your 3D Smile Scan

Come visit Hiser Orthodontics today from our convenient locations in Cumming and get a virtual preview of what your smile will look like when treatment is complete. Our team can discuss the options you have to reach your orthodontic goals.

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