Payment & Insurance

The Hiser Orthodontics team is dedicated to achieving optimal results for each patient and we strongly believe that finances shouldn’t stand in the way. We’ll do anything we can to help patients find the right treatment option that fits their goals and budget.

We have the following affordable and flexible payment options depending on a patient’s financial situation:

Monthly Budget Plan
Make an initial down payment prior to beginning the orthodontic treatment and pay the remaining balance over a predetermined period. With this option, there is no interest.

Payment in Full Plan
If patients choose to pay in full, we offer a generous discount to the total treatment price.

Does Insurance Cover Braces?

Some dental insurance plans include partial coverage for orthodontic treatment. Hiser Orthodontics gladly accepts dental insurance and we can help navigate the benefits to determine the exact amount of orthodontic coverage. We complete and submit all insurance claims internally so that patients don’t have to worry about it.

Pay My Bill

Need to pay your bill? We make payment quick and easy. Call our office today to set up a payment.

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