Clear Braces

Hiser Orthodontics Alpharetta & Cumming offices both offer clear braces options. These ceramic braces, also called “clear braces” are designed to blend in with the teeth but function much the same as traditional braces.

What Is the Treatment Process for Clear Braces?

All new patients at Hiser Orthodontics begin the orthodontic process with a simple and painless consultation. Dr. Hiser wants to build a relationship and earn a patient’s trust, because we know it’s a big deal to get braces. During the consultation, we will talk with patients about orthodontic concerns and take an x-ray to see their current state. If we recommend clear braces and a patient chooses to move forward, they will get the brackets attached to the teeth at the next appointment. Follow up appointments range every 6-8 weeks, during which Dr. Hiser and team will adjust & clean the braces as well as talk through any questions or concerns.

Are Clear Braces Right for Me?

Today’s traditional braces are less noticeable than those adults have usually experienced. However, if you or your child is looking for an aesthetic alternative that doesn’t show as much, clear ceramic braces might be a good fit.

Discover the Hiser Difference

At Hiser Orthodontics, our team is what makes us different. When an adult or child enters our doors, they are welcomed into the Hiser family. We are parents and some of us are even patients of Hiser orthodontics, so we have a unique empathy that we pass along in the patient experience. You have a voice. We’ll talk with you about concerns and discuss the best treatment option for you.

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